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Town of Knightstown

Bigger than Basketball

Bigger than Basketball

How do we get information to people in the town and utility service areas? How do we attract new business and let people outside the town know who and all that we are today?

On December 19, 2018, The Banner, Knightstown’s local newspaper since 1867, published its final newspaper. Since that time, an information dearth has occurred in the town. Filled by social media of a very few people who share information that is not factual, the town has had challenges overcoming the negativity and getting out positive news about all of the things being accomplished.

The town is searching for a way to communicate with people who are interested in learning the facts about what is going on in their town and to attract people to the town due to the exciting changes happening throughout the town. We want people to know that Knightstown is more than just a sleepy small town or the place with the Hoosier Gym, but we need help with marketing ideas and strategies to make this reality.

A local citizen recently attended a council meeting to tell council members that they should consider creating an app that will allow community members to sign up and receive information, learn where to go for questions and find out how to get involved.

The town does not have personnel dedicated to marketing and does not have a budget to create an app. The www.knightstown.in website is currently being updated, but it is challenging to maintain up-to-date information without staff who are dedicated to social media and who have the expertise in social media.

The town does have a Facebook account, as does the Knightstown Police Department. The town only posts power outages or information of an emergency nature to Facebook and the police department recently stopped using their Facebook account due to the few people who quickly post negative information to incite more negative posts, often from people not even residing in the town.

Knightstown challenges FFC innovators to provide a unique solution, such as an app, to help the town market the good things happening and to help the town brainstorm about how to keep information up-to-date on the app and website.

Key Facts:

Facebook is a wonderful platform for information unless the people giving the information are lying. Recently, a past staff person used his position to build a following on his Facebook page and then began spreading misinformation to Knightstown residents. Unfortunately, the misinformation has created a negative social media environment for the town so that when even good news is posted on the town or the Knightstown Police Department, this “influencer” casts dispersion on the town. It is imperative that the town find a way to create an information environment that is conducive to factual information.

The only local newspaper in Knightstown ceased operations in December 2018. The lack of a local newspaper has created a lack of information regarding government operations in the town. People need access to factual information.

Due to lack of budget dollars available for a marketing/social media staff person, the town does not have a dedicated effort toward marketing all of the positive aspects of the town so that new homeowners and business owners can be attracted to the town.

Knightstown is known for the Hoosier Gym but people do not know the depth of opportunities and quality of life available to them by living in and owning businesses in the town. How do we continue to market the Hoosier Gym connection but offer the information that Knightstown is more than the Hoosier Gym. Would business and neighborhood districts that describe town features be a way to illustrate the opportunities in the town? Should the following (likely need better names) be created?

  • Education District

  • Literacy District

  • Arts District

  • Fitness District

  • Hoosier Gym District

  • Gateway District

  • Elevator District

  • Park and Recreation District

  • Waterside District
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